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Spoiler Alert!

I am writing this post, literally, right after finish the complete series of LOST. I won't lie to you, there were times in certain seasons (eh hem, season 3... and 4... and 5!) where I pulled the "This show is stupid, worthless, and a waste of my time" attitude, but I can honestly say that overall this was one of the best, THE BEST, TV series I have ever taken part in.

The whole concept of the people that you spend time with and live out all aspects of your life with; the ones that see you for who you really are. The people that not only need you but you need them, being there when you "move on" into the next life, was just awe-inspiring. All the time travel, numbers,  alternative dimension talk, the Dharma Initiative, electromagnetism, and the island really meant nothing. It served it's purpose for the overall plot of the series and to keep the viewer completely off the trail, but in the end none of it really mattered. When we die, it doesn't matter that we are 3 years in the future in an alternate dimension having just saved an island that travels through time from a giant smoke monster that is only out to destroy the "candidates" that are supposed to take over as it's protector. None of that mattered, what mattered was the truth behind their actions. Why these people did what they did, and the obstacles they had to overcome to do it.  I love the fact that this series was about choice. The reality of the show didn't center around understanding the foundations of literature (i.e. setting and plot), the reality of the show centered around the characters and their motivations which drove them to action, whether it be positive or negative. The true story wasn't revealed until the end where we realize that we can not make it through life without connecting with people on a level that reaches beyond the capacity we thought we had. The goal is to live your life by understanding your purpose in it.

I think I can see why all the die-hard LOST fans (the ones who watched it "religiously" from week to week for every season) would have hated the ending. The finale left the viewer hanging with no clear ending that they could comprehend from what they were thinking mattered to the plot. However, this is the brilliance of the show, it didn't matter! What mattered was the relationships shown in every setting (place, time, etc.) I urge all those who watched LOST to watch it again, but this time as straight through as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to ask... feel free to rant and rave, I can take it, I finally understand.

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Corrigan Vaughan | July 27, 2012 at 11:35 AM

Personally, I loved the ending. And how could you not like season 4??? I watched the whole season in like, two days. Or maybe I'm thinking of 5... no, I think 4. One of those. Anyway, I feel like most people don't think about what you just pointed out about the journey of Lost... and also they think that in the end they were dead the whole time. They weren't dead. Lindelof has said it a million times. Think deeeeeeeper, children.

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